Ancient peoples all over the world lit fires and torches on this darkest day of the year. I've heard that outdoor Christmas lights are the modern equivalent. If it's true, it makes sense, given the other pre-Christian symbols that have attached themselves to Christmas.

Port Credit at night is beautiful right now. People do really creative things with lights on trees and hedges, and the outlines of the old homes. It's a nice tradition.

Fortunately there doesn't seem to be any insane one-upmanship around here, the kind of people who use up end up on the local news. I mean, can you imagine living near this guy? Who cares if it's for charity? There are ways to raise money that don't suck up this much energy. When I see the words "synchronized to music," I read "neighbourhood menace".

Happy Solstice. If you hate the darkness, the nice thing is we start getting more daylight tomorrow.

Back to packing.


Nigel Patel said...

Happy Solstice back at'cha.
About the only upside of working the 3:PM to 1:AM shift is I actually get some daylight. Since the blizzards in '98 and the Recount blazzard I've been really sensitive to my need for sunlight. And geese.

Gazetteer said...


It's nice downhill ride through opening day, daylight's savings and the dog days of summer from here on in.

Masnick96 said...

Thank you :-)

Happy Solstice to you too