Another look at Dion's dual citizenship, from Paul Wells.
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Interior. Stornaway, the residence of Canada's leader of the Opposition. Packing crates are everywhere; men in overalls carry boxes back and forth. St├ęphane Dion enters, leading his dog Kyoto.

Dion: Well, here we are, almost moved in after only a few weeks as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada!

There is a knock at the door.

Dion: Who could that be?

Dion opens the door. The French Ambassador enters, a menacing figure in a black cape, who bears an odd resemblance to Angela Lansbury.

French Ambassador: Would you like to play zee cards, Monsieur Dion?

French Ambassador begins shuffling a deck of cards. He pulls out one in particular: the red queen. Dion is instantly hypnotized.

French Ambassador: Ah, I see your training still work! You are starting to rememb-air zee mission, aren't you? . . .
Read it here, it's quite amusing. Many thanks to self-described "long time (silent) reader" MJ.


Nigel Patel said...

Thinking of accents now I miss Jean Chretien.
Plus it was hard to see him up there working real liberalism like a skilled pro while Bill Clinton was a Nelson-Rockefeller-Republican who kept getting his ass kicked for beign a "Liberal".
That's probably where my Canada Envy started.

L-girl said...

I always wished Bill Clinton - not to mention Hillary - were the people the wingnuts say they are. Hillary would be Eleanor Roosevelt, and Bill would be Adalai Stevenson.

James said...

Thinking of accents now I miss Jean Chretien.

At least he made Canadian politics fun to listen to. At least when he mangles the language it's due to an honest (and interesting) accent, whereas Bush is just incoherent.

Gazetteer said...

That's funny.

I never thought the resemblance to the dastardly Mdme. Lansbury was odd at all.

Unless, of course, you subscribe to the theory that Monsieur Dion's dual citizenship is actually a ruse which allows him to slip, unnoticed, across the Paris-Chinese border with impunity so that he can interact in a wanton and dastardly manner with that evil genius, and anti-greedhead warrior, 'The Laughing Man'.


M@ said...

Chretien spoke two languages half-well. Bush speaks one language half-well. Advantage: Chretien.

Oh, and also, Chretien is intelligent and witty. Bush, um... no.

L-girl said...

Yes, I've often heard it said that Chretein's French is as bad as his English. That cracks me up.

I never thought the resemblance to the dastardly Mdme. Lansbury was odd at all.