Our Rigged Elections
The Elephant in the Polling Booth

By Mark Crispin Miller

To say that this election could go either way is not to say that the Republicans have any chance of winning it. As a civic entity responsive to the voters' will, the party's over, there being no American majority that backs it, or that ever would. Bush has left the GOP in much the same condition as Iraq, Afghanistan, the global climate, New Orleans, the Bill of Rights, our military, our economy and our national reputation. Thus the regime is reviled as hotly by conservatives as by liberals, nor do any moderates support it.

So slight is Bush's popularity that his own party's candidates for Congress are afraid to speak his name or to be seen with him (although their numbers, in the aggregate, are even lower than his). It seems the only citizens who still have any faith in him are those who think God wants us to burn witches and drive SUVs. For all their zeal, such theocratic types are not in the majority, not even close, and thus there's no chance that the GOP can get the necessary votes.

And so the Democrats are feeling good, and calling for a giant drive to get the vote out on Election Day. Such an effort is essential — and not just to the Democrats but to the very survival of this foundering Republic. However, such a drive will do the Democrats, and all the rest of us, more harm than good if it fails to note a certain fact about our current situation: i.e., that the Democrats are going to lose the contest in November, even though the people will (again) be voting for them. The Bush Republicans are likely to remain in power despite the fact that only a minority will vote to have them there. That, at any rate, is what will happen if we don't start working to pre-empt it now.

Even though this election could go either way, neither way will benefit the Democrats. Either the Republicans will steal their "re-election" on Election Day, just as they did two years ago, or they will slime their way to "victory" through force and fraud and strident propaganda, as they did after Election Day 2000. Whichever strategy they use, the only way to stop it is to face it, and then shout so long and loud about it that the people finally perceive, at last, that their suspicions are entirely just—and, this time, just say no.

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH — That Bush/Cheney stole their "re-election" is not a "theory" but a fact that has by now been proved beyond the shadow of a doubt.
Emphasis mine. Entire essay here.


Lisa said...

(sorry, I had to repost this because of complete lack of clarity in one sentence! Must remember to reread posts before posting!)

That was good article! The observation about how even journalists on the left have dropped the ball on the stolen election was really important, I think. We know why the mainstream media fails to give any space to this issue (among others!!), and therefore why many Americans aren't even AWARE of what's really going on. But why have the (mainstream?)left dropped the ball? Or those Americans who have the time and resources to know better than what Fox feeds them?

I don't know, but it may be because contemplating the whole notion that American elections were stolen is really really disturbing, and denial feels a lot better than feeling horrified! It doesn't surprise me at all that many Americans (including many on the left) don't want to deal with the really frightening reality of Cheney et al (that is, that this administration is "radical, irrational, apocalyptic").

I imagine that starting a conversation at the water cooler at work with "well, we really are becoming quite the fascist nation, aren't we?" doesn't go over too well.

I really, sincerely, hope that "outing" the electoral fraud will wake Americans up, but I don't think that it will happen. There seems to have been barely a peep about the recent detainee bill that was passed. Everyone seems to be more engrossed by the shenanigans of that Democrat (oops, I mean Republican!) Foley than about Bush's attempt to eliminate habeus corpus.

Mind you, it is kind of amusing to read all these diatribes from Republicans about how petty the Democrats are being for focussing so much on a sex scandal!

btw: I'm not bashing Americans. Canadians are in the same kind of denial. "Well, we really aren't the sharing caring nation that we think we are, are we?" also doesn't go over well at the water cooler.

Woti-woti said...

Kerry's complicity in this fraud is disturbing but the other angle I don't get is the TV networks and their 'exit polls.' You can't watch election night without getting inundated with the latest exit poll and magic computer prediction which it generates. Each network swears that theirs is the best. Yet in 04 (my info coming from the excellent Kennedy Jr. piece in Rolling Stone), the networks were accused by the right of rigging the exit polls to discourage West Coast Republican voters from voting because the election was already 'lost'(familiar whine from both sides). After the election, these same exit polls are now suddenly deemed 'inaccurate.' Yet political scientists swear to the method's accuracy (just check some of the footnotes in any of these articles). So how are the networks going to cover the upcoming election? The friggin' exit polls and magic projections are the only reason to tune in at all. Is the dumbing-down of mainstream TV now complete, where viewers are expected not to remember 2 years ago when the magic predictions based on the great exit polls were dead wrong? It makes no sense. I think Americans are going to have to be told that 2 of their favourite cliche's just don't work anymore-- 'free press' and 'you'll have your day in court.'
BTW, one of CNN's Lou Dobbs' daily bete-noires is computerized election machines, particulary the absence of paper trails. But he never touches the other stuff.