Wmtc readers who are interested in the recent plane crash in New York might want to visit A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory. Our friend Jere, who was five blocks away from the site, has pictures and in-the-moment commentary.

I'm mentioning this because some of you posted about it in comments. I'm not particularly fascinated by this event, nor does it remind me 9/11, nor do I think it's a shattering blow for New York or the Yankees. It's a tragedy for two people and their families, and a small miracle for everyone in the building and on the ground, as no one else was killed.

But I'm not there, and Jere was. Check out his blog for an on-the-scene account. There are several posts, so scroll down a while to get them all.


Jere said...

Thanks for linking to me. I immediately referred to it as "this half-decade's 9/11," only because, in a world where a low-flying plane or loud noise makes people think of 9/11, an actual plane hitting a building in NYC is definitely comparable--if only at the surface.

In fact, now that I think about it, Lidle is to Munson what this crash was to 9/11. A relative unknown, dying in a crash in the off-season that was news before anyone knew he was even invovled, who happened to have played for the Yanks the last two months, vs. the well-known captain of the Yanks dying in a crash mid-season, changing the face of the team.

A small accidental crash that only killed two and barely damaged the building, vs., you know, 9/11.

And any time a celebrity dies, there's gonna be "extra" coverage of it, but this was a plane crash in my neighborhood, and all the pics and stuff I wrote would be on my blog anyway.

L-girl said...

Hey Jere. I wasn't criticizing your post or your terminology. (If it seemed that way, I apologize.) If I still lived in NYC I might have a different take, too - at least at the moment it happened.

I was glad to see your photos. And super glad to know everyone in the building and the neighbourhood are ok.

L-girl said...

And of course it's big news when a celebrity dies. Because they're more important than everyone else, right?

Jere said...

I didn't think you were criticizing.