Make that yuck a double-double.

What a disgusting duo.

When Rice assures victory, you know you're in deep trouble. The Star has a little slideshow that seems a bit sarcastic. Click on "Condi's Canadian Adventure".


West End Bound said...

I just read that story prior to checking out wmtc . . . I agree, disgusting duo. Anyone else get the impression that Peter and "Condescending" are sweet on each other?!?!?

CathiefromCanada said...

Hey, welcome to Canada -- Ross at the Gazetter just pointed me your way and I like your blog.
Returning to the topic, ya gotta know that Condi will never leave her first luv, Georgie..

L-girl said...

Condescending, hee hee. :)

CathiefromCanada, thank you for your welcome! We've just passed our one-year mark and are very, very happy to be here.

Thanks for stopping by.