olbermann again

This man is my new hero.

Watch Keith Olbermann. (Transcript is there, too.)

Jon Stewart, this is what you should be doing. Stephen Colbert, this is why I can't watch you. For me, it's too serious for satire. It's too awful.



MattInTO said...

Man this guy rocks. You're right. Jon, much as I enjoy a lot of what he does, could take a lesson from him. Especially since Jon has such a wide viewership and could be using his "pulpit" for bigger things.

Olbermann deserves a lot more respect than he currently gets.

And Clinton, well. He's Clinton. The "elder statesmen" role seems to be agreeing with him. Boy I wouldn't want to piss him off, though. The man is downright scary when he wants to be. It's too bad he didn't show some of that fire sooner. Lewis Black should give him a pointer or two. That's about the level of angriness I'd like to see in my politicians.

James said...

Jon Stewart should only need to do what he does; the only reason people think he should be doing more is that there's no-one in the "real" media who's doing it! (Except, now, Olbermann). It's the real media's job, after all. Jon Stewart's a comedian, after all! :)

MattInTO said...

He absolutely has to. There's no media left in the United States not giving the administration a blank check. Save for guys like Keith. So we're left to a comedian to do the work.

Jere said...

Nice job again by Keith.

I have to say, though, about Colbert: I love what he's doing. I don't think he's holding back at all. To blatantly say the opposite of what he believes satirically, he's allowed to say so much more than he would if he were saying honestly what he does believe.

Side note: I'll be at tomorrow night's Colbert Report taping.

L-girl said...

Jere, very cool! We were supposed to see a Daily Show taping, but we moved before we got there...

I know I'm in the tiny minority when it comes to Colbert. I just find it more irritating than funny.

And Stewart, I always loved TDS, I was forever quoting him. I just think he's gone soft. There's no reason to give "equal time" to the other side and let their lies go unchallenged. There's enough of that out there without Jon Stewart doing it, too.

Keith Olbermann, btw, was also the only person in the MSM to keep the light on voter fraud in 2004. He beat the drum about Ohio and PA for a long time. I really admired that.

Diamond Jim said...

Jere, fabulous! I saw a Colbert taping back in May, just before I moved to Toronto. You'll love it. But you know when they tell you to get there at least an hour early? Believe them. I came half an hour early and barely got in. (I have a blog entry on my experience.)

Ah, Laura, we'll simply have to agree to disagree about what Colbert is up to (I have a blog entry about that too . . .).

L-girl said...

Ah, Laura, we'll simply have to agree to disagree about what Colbert is up to (I have a blog entry about that too . . .).

I know he's your great hero. That's cool. He's certainly great at what he does, and he's coming from the right (left) side, so I commend him. But... oh well. As I just said in another comment, my sense of humour is so out of sync sometimes.

Jere said...

So, when did I say this was my FIRST Colbert taping?

It's my third:) (Have the blog entries about the other two, of course.)

A trick I've learned: If you purposely get there late (we didn't do it on purpose that time), you'll get shut out and they'll give you special comp tix to a future taping. So, if you really don't like the guest on your night, and you live in the city anyway, go late, get the comp tickets. Even if you don't like the guest the time you come back, at least you get in and seated before everyone else, which is good if it's 5 degrees out. And I don't mean Celsius.

Diamond Jim said...

Your third, Jere? You truly are one of the Heroes!