Amazingly wonderful fantastic news! Gito and Juan are coming to Canada!!!

You can't imagine what these guys have been through, how long they've waited, how many disappointments they've had along the way. I really admire their perseverance and their commitment.


gito said...

Thanks L! so nice from you to take the time! This is pretty unreal!!! we are like calling realtors and doing that kind of stuff people do when they move! wow, its just awesome too. Anyhow, we look forward to meeting you!

Ralph said...

My September 10th
" feelings from the heart "
ping pong reading from the gazetter to here. A very personal story that for some is a must read.
If you have time or are inclined; ask for a stipend to write a 500 word narative for the SUN from the canadian agency; Violance against Woman. " Claudia Black would be so encompasing of you . bless you girl

L-girl said...

Thank you so much, Ralph. You are the second person to mention The Sun, so this is clearly something I must check out. I will do.

Thanks for reading it and sharing your thoughts.