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Entering Iowa...Whoo Hoo


Jere said...

This is exciting!

L-girl said...

It is!

It's so funny, what blogging does to you. Before we moved, I blogged up until the minute we unplugged our cable, then when we got here, I couldn't wait to set up my computer so I could report on how it went.

FormerOwl said...

For those who are really keen, there is a map at Google - go here and choose "hybrid" to get both a satellite and political boundary map.


FormerOwl said...

PS - Google maps are great. When I enlarged the map, I could spot the actual apartment building and neighbouring houses, as well as the pedestrian bridge over the Humber River at the lakeshore boardwalk.

L-girl said...

FormerOwl, meet James. James, meet FormerOwl. :)

James introduced me to the joys of Google Maps and Google Earth.

L-girl said...

Are you FormerOwl because you were Owl In Toronto?

Scott M. said...

You'll find maps.ask.com has, on average, better satellite views of Canada then Google does. Not sure about the US though.

FormerOwl said...

Yes, I am the Owl formerly known here as Owl in Toronto because Blogger didn't like the name "Owl."

Elsewhere, I am plain "Owl."

"Night Owl" is somebody else.

For some reason, there was a period when I had trouble getting this site to take messages, and my registrations just vanished.

Well, I retried last night; it worked! Only thing was that Blogger swallowed one of my posts.

BTW, even with the defenses which may have interacted badly with my computer, I agree with keeping trolls off. Such people make blogs unpleasant to read - "Angry Arab" is a good example where the Lebanese prof posts information hard to get anywhere else. Some of his readers post interesting additions; others post obscene or irrelevant garbage.

L-girl said...

even with the defenses which may have interacted badly with my computer, I agree with keeping trolls off.

Thank you. I appreciate the support.

L-girl said...

What do people use satellite maps for anyway? I don't find them at all helpful, but maybe there's something I'm not getting.

Lone Primate said...

This may constitute the first time in human history the interjection "whoo hoo" was used in conjunction with the phrase "entering Iowa". :)

Saskatchewan, there's hope for you yet! :D

FormerOwl said...

Re Saskatchewan, I recently read of a California physicist who moved there with his family to do some cutting-edge research.

His co-workers thought it was strange to move from California, but he likes it, and the kids love winter sports.

There's a lot more folks moving north or elsewhere than is realized. Recently, "Moon of Alabama" had a post from a person who had moved to the Pyrenees, and lived very comfortably in something like $1200. Some food was from a vegetable garden.

FormerOwl said...

Laura, re satellite maps (or other maps) - I find them pretty. I enjoy seeing aerial photos of places I have been. I like spotting where I live, a local bridge, a river.

BTW, satellite photos with better resolution are on the way. The EU, China, India, and many other countries are working together on Galileo, the next generation of satellites which will be able to find lost people better, do surveys -- a variety of other applications.

The US govt. is not involved in Galileo and my be seeing Galileo as a threat. Galileo is much better than the old US GPS system.

There is lots of information about Galileo on the web, e.g.

Laura, while you were in Peru, I would have enjoyed seeing good aerial views of the places you were visiting.

I've looked at satellite views of where I think Nick and Mason have been.

L-girl said...

Neat. Thanks for the info, Owl.

I love maps. I also enjoy place-names. Between maps and place-names, if I take out a map or an atlas, I can completely lose track of time.

When Allan and I drive someplace new to us, I am always the navigator, as I have a better sense of direction, and he is always the driver, as he is a bolder driver than me. (Oops, there's our exit, cross over five lanes right now please!)

I found that by staring at a map and sussing out a route as Allan drives, I became oriented to (in this case) Mississauga and Toronto much more quickly than Allan did just following my directions. I formed a mental map of the area much faster.

When I was a kid, my family went on long driving vacations, and my mother always made us look at the map - where we had started, where we were going, and what route we took. She was really smart to do that - I really appreciate it now.

L-girl said...

There's a lot more folks moving north or elsewhere than is realized.

Oh yeah, definitely.

I'm contributing to a project called Voting With Our Feet, about Americans who have left the US. It's being compiled by two women, one lives in Mexico, the other (I believe) in Costa Rica. Even they've been amazed at how many people they've found.

This reminds me, soon I will do a blog post listing all the ex-pats who read this blog (that I know of) and all the ones coming soon.