Tomorrow, Nick and Mason begin their drive across the continent, from Colorado to Toronto. Their three-day journey is the end of a long road - and a new beginning.

I will always remember our drive from New York City, and the days that preceded it, with a great turbulence of emotion. I know something about what Nick and Mason have been going through this past week, and what the next week will be like. (Nick recommends Tums, but I needed Klonopin!)

Here's wishing Nick and Mason, and their furry family, a safe, speedy journey, a happy border crossing, and most of all, a loving welcome to Canada.


Lone Primate said...

It's like when you guys were coming... I can't quite believe it gets to the point that someone does it. In my mind, it's always something nice someone's saying about Canada... and they actually get up and do it. I can barely imagine the fortitude it takes.

L-girl said...

It is definitely saying something nice about Canada. And something very bad about where they're leaving. Both.