very big news

Nick and Mason are in.

They're in!!!!!!!! They got their letter yesterday, and are breathing again today.

Nick was the first person to contact me through my blog after the 2004 "election" - and of all the people who would continue to email me, he was the first to follow through. He has other friends in Toronto, too; I believe Genet (hey Genet, where's my link?) is one of them.

What am I saying? Nick and Mason have tons of friends in Toronto! Everyone in Canada is waiting for them to arrive!


Lone Primate said...

What hell! :)

I was just at their site yesterday looking to see if anything was up, but the last posting was about a recent get-together. It must have all been going down in realtime while I was just browsing.

You know something, I told myself with a smile yesterday "when I find out, I'll hear it on WMTC first". A rare moment of clarity for me. :D Thanks, L.... must go read!

mkk said...

What great news!! I wish you all the best, Nick and Mason, as you begin your new life in Canada!

James said...

Congrats to Nick & Mason! Always nice to get new neighbours. :)

Masnick96 said...

Thank you L-Girl for the nod and the kind words.

...and thank you everyone for the support and well-wishes. We are still reeling from all of this, but are very happy to move :-)

sister.susie said...

Nick and Mason's long-awaited wonderful news has finally inspired me to "lurk-no-more" on wmtc.

Congrats to N&M, and, greetings to L-girl.

L-girl said...

I love when lurkers step out into comments! Sister.Susie, welcome to wmtc! :)

Genet said...

Truly sorry about the lack-o-link. I'm a bimbo when it comes to technology, but will figure it out :-)