Tomorrow, the XVI International AIDS conference opens in Toronto.

There are hundreds of affiliated events planned in connection with the conference, to raise the level of awareness, funds and activism. And there is the Global Village, both in person at the Convention Centre and online, to make the global AIDS crisis more real to us.

I'm going to look at my schedule and see when I can spend some time in the Global Village this coming week.

Thinking about this makes me think about my own activism, dormant for a long time now, while we focused on our BLC*. As we close in on our one-year anniversary in Canada, I'm starting to think about doing some activism or politically-oriented volunteer work. That's always the first step for me - a recurrent thought, vague, but persistent. As it grows it will show me the next step.

Of course, if we adopt a new puppy, activism will go back on hold for a while.

* Big Life Change


Scott M. said...

Met a nice young gentleman from South Africa on the train from Montreal to Toronto... first time out of his country ever, flawless english despite the fact that it's his third or fourth language. An amazing individual, a volunteer heading to Toronto for the World AIDS conference. If he is indicative of the caliber of the people you'll meet there, you're in for an amazing treat.

L-girl said...

Sounds impressive. Global volunteers are an impressive bunch.

First time out of his country, too! I hope he has a grand time in Toronto - what an expanding experience that would be.