Search strings of the day:
can a US citizen vanish if they move to canada

laws canada nude backyard illegal

what are your chances of getting through customs into canada if you are a felon traveling with only a passport


Lone Primate said...

I find that second one a Mr.-Spock-eyebrow-raiser... ':)

...the stuff about vanishing, felonies... ummm... hmm. Maybe you want Mexico, buddy? :D

David Cho said...

I gotta start publishing mine. A lot of them tend to be some thing to do with having sex with dogs, so I am not so sure about including those.

Those are good ones. What was your ranking for the felony one?

Scott M. said...

Ooh! Ooh! I can answer the third one!

Anyone who has to ask the question is completely oblivious to basic geography...

L-girl said...

What was your ranking for the felony one?

Ranking? Not sure what you mean. It was in my "came from".

I often get searches with the word felon or felony. In my explanations of the emigration process, I mention you are required to pass an FBI check, to prove you are not a felon.