In a review of Douglas Coupland's new book, JPod:
And still we gravitate toward the familiar, no matter how frequently or profoundly it has let us down in the past; we always prefer the cold comfort of formula to the white-hot panic of unpredictability — modest security over the risk associated with trying something different. At least we do if we live in the United States, which is perhaps why we so desperately need a Canadian to make sense of our lives for us.
I don't read Coupland, personally. I just liked that sentence.


Wrye said...

Coupland has always been a keen, if subtle, observer of the Can/US dynamic. On a completely unrelated note, I just found one of the more random theories of Canadians ever expressed...It's a little known fact that every Canadian Citizen is born with a sharp, serrated edge somewhere on their body as protection from polar bears and enraged Quebecois....

L-girl said...

Hmm... I'm speechless.