I worked in law firms in New York City for 15 years. Up until a few months ago, the only law firms I had ever worked in were in New York City.

Now I work in a law firm in downtown Toronto.

When I pass a window and glance outside, I still expect to see New York. For the tiniest moment - a speck of time, barely registered consciously - I am disoriented.

It's weird.


James said...

I came across this comment in the show by zefrank:

On the other hand everyone I've met in Minneapolis is nice.

(Barista:) "Thanks, can I do for ya? Soup, one, please. Two dollars, sir. Outta twenty. Four, five, five is ten, and ten is twenty. Thanks, and have a great day sir. See ya, mister Gates. Take care, sir."

That creeps the shit out of me. In New York I use how nice people are to me as a way to identify the people who are my friends, or people who are trying to sell me something.

Just wondering if you've had the same feeling. ;)

L-girl said...

Ah, that's another story. I'll blog about it. I've touched on it before, but I'll revisit. Thanks for the idea. :)

tornwordo said...

I do that here in Montreal, I keep expecting the American looking person to speak English, but then, no, totally French.