day games

We're seeing The Real Thing today, the play from our Soulpepper subscription that we were supposed to see on my birthday. Love those weekday matinees! The joys of working weekends.

After the play, we have to hurry home, as there's a big game tonight: Pedro Martinez returns to Fenway.

Hey Mets fans, I'm up for a 1986 rematch this year, whaddaya say?


James Redekop said...

Today I'm going to watch the New York Yankees perform in a sports competition called "baseball". People of all ages, races, and sizes come together to not talk and watch very wealthy immigrants at or near each other. If I want to say, "I appreciate the way you caught that ball while diving and threw it to your team-mate sixty feet away", I'll say, "Aaaow! Woo! Yeoo! Ooo! Aoooo!". They'll understand.
-- zefrank

laura k said...

Maybe Zefrank should watch some minor league baseball. No wealthy immigrants there, just working stiffs like the rest of us.