Hey, I just realized something! In comments here and here, readers were talking about "ParticipAction", Canada's physical fitness promotion from the 1970s. Someone mentioned Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, and I asked who they were.

I just realized that I see these two wankers all the time. Since I've been working full-time, before I go to sleep - too tired to read or even watch "The National" - I've been watching "Seinfeld" reruns. Before the show, there's a cheesey public-service ad for "Bodybreak", and last night I actually listened to their introduction: "Hi, Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod here..."

They were someone's pick for Most Annoying Canadian, and although I would still vote for Canadian Tire Guy, these two are definitely in the running.


James said...

I don't know if that's entirely fair... After all, they're in the same industry as Richard Simmons -- that's a whole different league of annoyingness.

L-girl said...

Richard Simmons is Canadian??

Remember, it's not Most Annoying Fitness Expert, it's Most Annoying Canadian.

Wrye said...

I've been a bitter disillusioned man ever since they revealed that Participaction was lying and the average 70-year old Swede in fact wasn't heathier than the average 30-year old Canadian. How could I ever believe anything again?

I do miss the 70's logo that looked like an insurance company emblem had collided with the Manx flag, though...

Wrye said...

Oh my gosh, there it is.

Holy snappin'. Colour me nonplussed.

L-girl said...

Richard Simmons is Canadian??

No one answered this, so I looked it up. From Wikipedia:

Richard Simmons (born July 12, 1948, in New Orleans, Louisiana as Milton Simmons) is a fitness guru and celebrity.

He's not Canadian, and his name was Milton! Good goin' on that name change, Richie. As Jon Stewart would say, too Jewy.

zydeco fish said...

You might not enjoy

L-girl said...

ZF, it looks like very few people do enjoy it! :)