Cheers to the Globe And Mail for featuring Paralympic athlete Brian McKeever on the front page.

And many more cheers to the Mexican Baseball Team for eliminating the US from the World Baseball Classic! Redsock must be thrilled, as the man he calls Fathead took the loss.

Now it's "Viva La Dominicana!" in the semifinals, although I'd be equally happy if Cuba won.


Sass said...

L-Girl, it's me, your long-lost friend. You'll never guess where I live now...*drumroll please*...Toronto!

I just got in yesterday after a week visiting my pops in Ottawa. And damn! It's cold here!

Anyway, I thought of you and decided to catch up on my reading over here a bit...don't be surprised at my comments on things you wrote a million years ago.

laura k said...

Sassycat!!! HOORAY!!!!

I'm so happy to hear from you. And really effing glad you've gotten out of Florida.

At least I hope it's a good move. Aw, how could it not be, from Florida to T.O.?

Welcome home. Write me!