six months in

We have been here six months today!

Six months, a bit of a milestone. It seems so long ago - all the goodbye dinners, the planning and the packing, driving The World's Fullest Minivan - all four of us (sigh).

Although I have a lot to learn about Canada, I know it's where I belong. I know it's my home.

* * * *

From the sublime to the mundane. I seem to have survived my first day of temping in T.O. It would have been nice if the agency had given me the correct address, so I could have been on time my first day (!!), but hey. I got through the orientation without falling asleep, Allan and Cody picked me up at the GO station, we had dinner at our local pub (well, Cody didn't), and got home in time for "Corner Gas". I'm loving these new episodes!

Tomorrow, as the song says, we get up and do it again. I'm tired, and it's boring, but I can do it for 8 weeks, then Peru awaits.


Scott M. said...

You missed one of the best jokes of the Corner Gas this week likely!

Those who were around during the 1983-1984 timeframe remember the song they sang, from the files of "ParticipAction". It was an amazing public service project designed to keep people moving, and worked well.

Here's the ParticipAction archive... if you go to "more Do It! Videos" and click the "Claymation" you'll hear the section of the song they used in the second verse. Hilarious.

My gosh did that bring back memories for me. And now, seeing the archive... wow.

Scott M. said...

BTW... if you want to hear hilarious radio spots, go to their radio spot archive.

I am literally rolling on the floor laughing at them right now.

My gosh... I can't believe they were all saved. Amazing. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. The memories!

BTW... I always failed that damned Canada Fitness Test anyway...

laura k said...

Yes, we assumed we were missing several levels of inside joke. It was still very funny anyway, which speaks to what good writing it is. You don't actually have to share the history to enjoy the show.

Scott M. said...

OK, now I can't get to bed. That Corner Gas has brought back so many memories...

ParticipAction was great. Too bad the government cut it out when it was working (budgetary reasons).

The Canada Fitness Awards (unrelated, but around the same time) were absolutely horrific for fplks like myself. I had uncontrolled Asthma (unlike today where they have Advair) and always failed. Government sanctioned public humiliation was the purpose of those awards. As if I didn't get beat up enough in public school! And then to be told that I was letting down the school (there was inter-school, inter-city, inter-board, and inter-province competition linked in with every student's placement) and, in fact letting down the country... ugh.

But really, I'd rather have the memories come back than not. An amazing program done wrong, but still an essential part of my childhood. Wow.

OK, I'll stop hogging your blogging now.

laura k said...

Oh hog away. It's nice to hear the memories, even the creepy ones.

Government sanctioned public humiliation was the purpose of those awards. As if I didn't get beat up enough in public school!

Aw man. I know just what you're saying. It's great how a simple comedy can bring all that back.

[A total aside, a propos of other discussions here, asthma is rampant in US inner cities, an absolute epidemic, and Advair is priced out of reach and generally not covered by Medicare....]

Unknown said...

I'd sub for 8 weeks to get to Peru too!

laura k said...

Oh, Peru's happening whether or not I work - it's already paid for. (Thank goodness we did that before my work fell through!)

I just use it as an incentive to keep me going. :)