open thread

I'm turning wmtc over to you today. I'm working on something meaty for us to discuss and debate, but my brain's not up to it yet today. (I might wait for Monday.) So why don't we talk about whatever you want?

Some trivia from my life to get things going.

It's very cold today. -14 C (2 F), -25 C (-13 F) with the wind-chill - very cold for the GTA. It looks like all of Canada is in a deep freeze. It makes for shorter dog-walks, but I'm happy the sun is shining.

I still don't have any word-processing work. I'm not worried, I know it will come eventually. Meanwhile I'll continue to enjoy my freedom while I have it. I also have lots of time to finish up my current Kids On Wheels stories and start an assignment for New Mobility.

I'm trying to brush up on my Spanish for our trip to Peru, but every time I sit down with the book, my eyes glaze over.

This week I solved the mystery of how to clean inside old radiators, thanks to a Helpful Canadian Tire person.

We also worked on the house more this week. I love it and hope to live here a long time.

My mother's best friend, and an important member of my chosen family, is very ill. She's having hospice care at home. It's not a tragedy: she's 87 years old and is not suffering greatly. It's very hard on my mom.

That last doesn't qualify as trivia. I'm trying to end on a lighter note, but I can't think of anything. I'll just get more coffee and turn this over to you. What's new? Any good stories to share? Oddball links to post? Dick Cheney jokes?


James Redekop said...

Bob Rivers's Twisted Tunes (probably most famous for the song Star Wars Cantina, set to Copacabana) has worked their usual satirical magic and come up with Cheney's Got A Gun (to the tune of the well-known Aerosmith song of a similar name), complete with an Elmer Fudd-esque video.

laura k said...

Several people have emailed that to me. I was hoping someone would post a link! :)

James Redekop said...

Bob Rivers has done some great stuff, though I don't always see eye-to-eye with his politics. He's sort of a quickie, topical Weird Al.

We like him best for his Christmas songs, such as Aquaclaus (to Jethro Tull's Aqualung). He also did Bisexual, to Queen's Bicycle, which is fun. (Tyring to find the lyrics led me to this interesting, if garish, page.)

noone said...

I'm sorry about your Mom and her best friend.

To cheer you up, you have to see what an American friend did to our Canadian flag over at my other place. Forgive posting the link but it's rather funny I thought :)

laura k said...

You never have to apologize for posting links here!

Unknown said...

Neat blog. Just stumbled on it.
You've got a lot of posts here so I was wondering if you could just point me towards the one that was the 'tipping point' post where you made the final decision to head north. Otherwise . . . I'll be checking back frequently.

laura k said...

Hi Bradley Cooper, thanks for reading and commenting.

By the time I started blogging, we had already made the decision to leave the US. It was the culmination of many years (decades, really) of unhappiness and frustration, and I don't know if there was one precise tipping point. The stolen election of 2000 was a biggie. The US's response to 9/11. The war on Iraq. The continuing and growing influence of fundamentalist Christians... It's a long list. It was the sum-total of many things.

My earliest posts have something of our thought process. They're linked on the right, under "how to".

Thanks again for reading wmtc. :)