redsock: "laura on bbc world service"

Hi! Redsock here with an announcement:
Laura is going to be interviewed on BBC World Service in about an hour (between 1:15 and 1:30 est pm). It's an interactive radio program on BBC World Service ("World Have Your Say") discussing the upcoming election (guests will be two Canadians (Conservative and NDP), a Candadian living in Boston, and Laura).
Go here to select your city and find a radio station or listen via the internets. I think if you go to that page, click on "Open BBC Real Player" (top right) and then click on "Now Playing Live", that'll do it.


Disreputable said...

DAMN! Laura ... I would love to have heard this .... BUGGER!!
BTW ...It's
DR at http://greencanuck.net/grn/

Kyahgirl said...

dang! saw this too late.

L-girl said...

Thanks guys, but you didn't miss anything. It wasn't a good experience.

L-girl said...

Disreputable, good going! I like how you registered and linked to yourself. :)