Now that's what I call a victory: a shut-out in a gold-medal game! Canada defeated Russia 5-0 to win its second straight gold medal at the world junior hockey championship.

Finland defeated the US to win the bronze. The crowd borrowed a page from the Red Sox fans' playbook, serenading the US team - heavily favoured in this tournament, with nine first-round NHL draft picks - with chants of "over-rated - over-rated".

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Stephen Harper announced the Conservatives' "get tough on crime" proposal, which includes trying teenagers as adults. Treating minors as legal adults appeals to voters' fears and prejudices, but does nothing to stem crime. It does, however, increase the prison population - and that's generally a good way to increase crime.

It sounds like Harper wants the Canadian justice system to emulate the US's. Think about the amount of crime in US cities, and ask yourself if that seems like a good idea.

Globe And Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson asks what the hell the RCMP was doing when it announced an investigation in the middle of an election campaign.
You don't have to be a shill for the Liberals to ask what the heck the Mounties thought they were doing in announcing a criminal investigation during an election campaign.

There are two serious issues here. First, why did they even announce they were launching a formal investigation? That's not normal procedure unless there's an obvious crime such as murder. Second, why announce the investigation when it would surely become political fodder?
I asked myself the same thing, wondering if something else was at work here. If this happened in the US, you'd automatically suspect that the Republicans were behind it - and you'd almost surely be right.

A wmtc discussion on "why Stephen Harper shouldn't be Prime Minister" and "are Stephen Harper and Paul Martin really the same" is going on in comments here. Join the fun.

I'm off for more Toronto exploring today - see you in comments later this evening.


Unknown said...

I was pretty shocked with the news of 5-0. I couldn't believe Canada did so well. It was great news as I got off work to hear of the win. I understand it was crazy getting tickets and brought in an additional 1.5 million to Vancouver over the event.

Rognar said...

Treating minors as legal adults appeals to voters' fears and prejudices, but does nothing to stem crime.

Laura, you might want to look closely at the NDP crime policy. I quote:

Under the New Democrat plan, the most violent criminals would be treated as adults if they were over 16, said Layton.

"Crimes such as murder provide for youths to be treated as adults, and rightly so," Layton said. "If a teenager picks up a gun, they've already made a decision that vastly increases the risk to people in society."

"If you take your gun to town you forfeit the right for special consideration because of your age," added Layton.


laura k said...

Laura, you might want to look closely at the NDP crime policy.

Well, I certainly don't like that. If I could vote, I would certainly tell them I oppose that policy, as much as I oppose what Harper recommended.

I'd also like to see what the NDP suggests to go along with that tough talk - what programs that can reduce crime over the long haul.

Since Stephen Harper stands a much better chance of becoming PM than Jack Layton, his tough talk concerns me more. But I certainly don't like it anywhere I find it.

Doug said...

I am appaled by the RCMP using this election as a platform for probing alleged violations by the Liberals. The timing is obvious and the average Canadian doesn't see the link. The link is that over the last 10 years approx. the federal Liberals have hit the RCMP hard in terms of there funding, closing of training facilities etc. So the RCMP use this election as a political ploy they need to be called up on the carpet, there commisioner (can't recall his name off-hand)is known for his political manipulations. Plus for those not familiar with it, west of Ontario the RCMP are the provincial forces of those provinces,which a lot of people in Ontario are unaware of...so out West in say Alberta they hold a lot of power, coincidence, not likely

laura k said...

Doug, this is very interesting.

theduckthief said...

I can't believe more people didn't have confidence in Canada. The team may not have been full of superstars but they won because of heart and desire. In the end, I think that's a more satisfying victory than just winning on skill alone.