what i'm watching: i'm not scared

We saw a great movie last night, which I highly recommend: "I'm Not Scared" (Io non ho paura in the original Italian). It was directed by Gabriele Salvatores, who made the wonderful film "Mediterraneo", among many others.

I can't say too much about I'm Not Scared without giving away the movie's well-done susprises. (Trust me and don't read the plot summary.) It's part coming-of-age story, and part suspense-thriller. A 10-year-old boy in rural Italy taps into his innate courage and sense of morality, at great risk to himself, and in defiance of the corrupt adults around him.

It's beautifully shot and excellently acted. A great rental if you're home this holiday weekend.


David Cho said...

Hey, I'd take movie recommendations from Laura. Saw Sideways the other day. The plot wasn't much, but the acting and dialogue were priceless. Loved it.

C La said...

The New Yorker wrote about the scene where they are in the wheat field. As soon as it came out, I rented it from Netflix last October and watched it with a few friends. It was amazing. The music at the end sounded like a haunted variation of Pachelbel's Canon.

C La said...

(I also watched Saving Face, at your recommendation with a few friends. Everyone loved it. It was funny and engaging. Just great!)

laura k said...

Sideways was wonderful! We know the co-writer. Terrific movie. So glad you liked it!

And hooray C-La, so glad you saw Saving Face!

Note to self: Get To Work.