road trip

Allan, Cody and I are heading down the highway this morning, sleeping tonight in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The change of scenery and the time with family will do us good. We're back on Saturday night.

Since we didn't take a sizeable vacation while we were saving for the Big Life Change, I believe this will be the longest I've been away from blogging since I started posting regularly. I could blog from my mom's house, but I don't think I'll have anything interesting to say. (Like that's ever stopped any of us before.)

Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves while I'm gone. It will only further my education when I return.


Lone Primate said...


...how 'bout them Jays, huh? :)

Wrye said...

No no no no no. The lady asked for educational, and they're already baseball fans. If we are going to teach LG and redsock anything about sports, then it has to be something new and Canadian, and that means hockey. We should lay out a case for which of the Canadian teams they're going to support before the playoffs get here. So, let us review their choices of teams to root for:

Montreal Canadiens: Proud tradion of champions and players with French sounding names, for some reason. Some history of rioting among fans.

Edmonton Oilers: Proud tradition of Champions, Brain drain. Some history of rioting among fans.

Ottawa Senators: Odd tradition of Real Estate dealin's. Some history of spoiled players. Riots in the Senate traditionally quashed by the Sergeant-at-arms.

Calgary Flames: Loved by scrappy underdogs and my friend C who, like the Flames, emigrated to Canada from Atlanta. Some history of riotous parties.

Quebec Nordiques: Loved by dwindling handful of loyalists, departure blamed on usual suspects. (Trudeau, Separatists, Eric Lindros) Fans never got chance to riot.

Winnipeg Jets: Loved by dwindling handful of loyalists, departure blamed on usual suspects (Gary Bettman). Famed "White Noise" reminiscent of "Cum on feel the Noize" by band "Quiet Riot".

Vancouver Canucks: Loved by those who remember back when they were scrappy underdogs. Proud history of disco uniforms. And rioting.

Boston Bruins: Loved by those who despise the Maple Leafs and Canadiens, despised by lovers of same. Riots usually involve tea and the local waterways.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Hated by all of the above. Proud history of dark curses and famous ghosts with names beginning with "B". Riot forecast for 2006: Unlikely.

dogsled_stacie said...

Ha! That's good wrye. :-)

I'm loving the new shoot-out rule!!

L-girl said...

LP, who knew you could be so succinct - and superficial? ;-)

Wrye, excellent! I will study further when I return to the GWN. I'd like to have a cheering interest in the playoffs, even though it would be totally bandwagon-y - gotta start somewhere!

Hi everybody. :)

redsock said...

I thought every hockey team made the playoffs ... ???


Urban Chick said...

hey there, L-girl!

hope you have a good trip...

i might have to ask your advice as i might have a big life decision not dissimilar to the one you faced looming on the horizon (i.e. moving out of the Big Big City to another Fairly Big City in a nearby country with better healthcare and education systems...OK, um, Scotland!!)

anyhoo, will keep you posted and may pester you soon for help!

zat OK?!

UC x

dogsled_stacie said...

Anyone catch Rick Mercer tonight? Oh man, I killed myself laughing when he was with "Dr. Popsicle" doing the hypothermia study.

But as far as Winnipegers being the toughest Canadians... ha!

Amateur said...

If we are going to teach LG and redsock anything about sports, then it has to be something new and Canadian, and that means hockey.

I'm sure they understand the basics of hockey already. Let's try curling. I'm sure L-Girl doesn't know anything about curling, and she really needs to get the basics if she is going to pass for Canadian. Olympics coming up and all that.

Wrye said...

Curling? Can't we start them off gently? Get them through the Grey Cup first and then buy them Men With Brooms for Xmas?

-Okay. [Curling's] like shuttleboard.
-It's shuffleboard, and no. You gotta think like snooker, poker, and free-rock climbing. This is dangerous shit.

Kyahgirl said...

you guys are so funny :-)

l-girl is getting an education all right.

Actually, I fell in love with curling when the last Olympics were on. How can such a quiet game be so riveting?
we're even thinking that might be a fun sport to take up with our kids, you know the family that plays together stays together and all that sort of stuff!

Amateur said...

Actually I thought you had to be 19 to play (18 in Quebec and Alberta) due to the alcohol consumption.

Crabbi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, L and Allen! And all the rest of you nice people, too, of course.

L-girl said...

I also became fascinated with curling after seeing it in the Olympics! I don't understand it and can't figure out the attraction (shuffleboard on ice?) but it is strangely compelling. Kind of puts you in a trance... not my usual reaction to sports!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ms Crabbi. :)

Kyahgirl said...

good point Amateur. I never thought about that. There does seem to be a lot of drinking associated with it. I'm pretty sure they don't drink in the little kids leagues though. Have to check it out :-)

Wrye said...

Curling is a PE unit in some high schools, so I think the drinking isn't mandatory, at least. Scotch on the Rocks could lead to some confusion!

L-girl said...

I've just had a chance to peruse Wrye's hockey round-up more thoroughly. I love it! Thank you so much, Wrye, great stuff.

I especially love the riotous rioting. Hockey is always the sticking point in that "Canadians are so nice" cliche.

Redsock has always thought we should be Bruins fans - not because of the obvious Boston connection, but because they are the Bs!

From a practical standpoint, we should just climb on the Leafs bandwagon. Somehow that seems too easy. But this:

famous ghosts with names beginning with "B"

is Red Sox all the way.