what i'm watching: canadian comedy

We have digital cable, which brings us a ridiculous number of channels that I'll never watch. But you need digital cable in order to get the Major League Baseball package, so there it is.

I don't know what most of the channels are yet. There are Canadian networks I've never heard of, plus several channels from Buffalo, Detroit and elsewhere.

One thing I've noticed, though: at any time of day or night, there are at least three episodes of The Simpsons on. At the times of day when I feel like vegging out with a little comedy, I can see any or all of Kids In The Hall, Red Green (which I really like), Air Farce, Family Guy, Seinfeld or The Simpsons. If I liked Everybody Loves Raymond or Friends (which I don't), I could watch one of these eight shows at any hour, round the clock.

It's complete overkill, but on the other hand, if I watch a half-hour of TV a day (excluding baseball), at least I'll always enjoy it.

I also caught an episode of Corner Gas, which Rob mentioned. I liked it! It's great to see a sitcom without a laugh track, big points for that. (Trivia note: Larry David wanted Seinfeld to be produced without a laugh track, and fought like hell for it, but the networks wouldn't do it. Note that Curb Your Enthusiasm doesn't have one.)

I won't even mention yesterday's playoff game. I will just move on.


hemlock said...

A couple people recommended that I watch Corner Gas, but I avoided it for a long time.

My mistake.

That's a funny show.

Sass said...

OK, so my dad insisted on buying me corner gas season 1 for christmas last year. I thought, oh god no. No fucking way.
I watched it with my roommates. And we all loved it so much that we have since made every person we know watch one or two of our favorite episodes. My dad was so proud to hear the news...I think I know what I'm getting for Christmas this year...

L-girl said...