sweet victory

A victory against Wal-Mart in Canada! Remember the Quebec Wal-Mart that closed rather than have a unionized staff?
The Quebec Labour Board has ruled that the closing of a Wal-Mart store this year amounted to a reprisal against unionized workers and has ordered the company to compensate former employees.

The labour board concluded that Wal-Mart Canada, Inc., failed to prove that the closing of its store in Jonquière in April was "real, genuine and definitive" as required under the Quebec Labour Code.

The board will determine the "appropriate remedies" for the former employees later. As many as 79 of the store's 190 former employees filed for compensation under the labour code.

During hearings, the board was told that the retail giant has yet to rescind a 20-year lease on the store building and has made no effort to sublet it. This led the labour board to conclude that the store could reopen and that, under the province's labour code, it was closed as a sanction against employees who were exercising their right to unionize and negotiate their first collective agreement. [Story here.]
How great to live in a country where the Labour Board actually looks out for labour.


mister anchovy said...

Do you know about Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. The good reverend stages events to call attention to issues around Walmart and others of their ilk.

laura k said...

Mr Anchovy, I sure do! Rev Billy often graces demos and rallies in NYC, so we would see him fairly regularly. He's great.

theduckthief said...

Hi, just found your blog and wanted to say, welcome to Canada.

Wrye said...

The duck thief's blog looks pretty funny too, have a gander, LG. Hopefully we'll see more of her around. Hide your ducks, everybody!

laura k said...

Duck Theif, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the welcome!

have a gander,

[eye rolling] :)

Rognar said...

I would say Quebec is probably the most pro-labour jurisdiction in North America. I can't say a similar ruling would not have occurred in any other province, but if you want to bust a union, Quebec is definitely not the place to try it.

laura k said...

I would say Quebec is probably the most pro-labour jurisdiction in North America.

I've heard that. French tradition, I suppose.