shiny happy people

People are so friendly here. It's insane.

First stop, our local Second Cup, which holds a fond place in Allan and Laura History: it's where we discovered there were rentals we could afford in Port Credit. Second Cup Counter Person was happier and friendlier than any counter person should be.

Next stop, bank. We had to get a cash advance from our Visa and deposit it in our new chequeing account in order to avoid bouncing cheques to our esteemed landlord, the hydro people and such. Bank teller was happy, friendly and efficient.

We are amazed. Suffice to say this is not the case at our old bank in New York.

Third and most important stop: Human Services Centre. Applying for our SINs took about 10 minutes. Easy and efficient. Plus, there was no "lite" music blaring, and no advertising zipper flashing, as there was in the Motor Vehicles office on our last day in New York.

On the way home, we stopped at a grocery store. Upon checking out, Allan noticed this sign on a closed register:
Another cashier will be only too pleased to help you.
In New York, that sign reads:

* * * *

I've just learned that my next book assignment begins this Monday. This is my last week of total freedom, so we want to make the most of it. Not surprisingly, that will mean many trips to Ikea.

Allan can't start work until his SIN card arrives, so he has at least three weeks of freedom left. Although I plan on putting him to work big time.

* * * *

Two personal notes. My dear friend NN and her husband saved our butts this morning by depositing their own cash into our New York checking account. An errand and a loan combined: that's true friendship. We thank them profusely!

And Alan With One L: there is a loon on the back of the twenty dollar bill.


Cin said...


It's been a while, but here I am catching up. I'm glad you're here (in Canada).

Have a nice day!

zydeco fish said...

Another cashier will be only too pleased to help you,

I know that store. Canadians are known for being overly polite. In fact, a person stepped on my foot once and apologized.

Wrye said...

Have you ever seen the film Canadian Bacon, Laura?

barefoot hiker said...

In fact, a person stepped on my foot once and apologized.

Um, maybe I missed the joke here, but... doesn't that ordinarily happen anywhere? I'm used to the "I stepped on his foot and HE apologized" punchline. Have standards slipped that much? :)

laura k said...

Have you ever seen the film Canadian Bacon, Laura?

I have.

LP, I think Zydeco Fish may have gotten the joke mixed up. Even New Yorkers apologize when they step on someone's foot!

Unless they do it on purpose. ;-)

laura k said...

Hi Cin! Thanks for the welcome - I'm very glad to be here, too.

Wrye said...

Ah, then you will recall the scene where the omega force storms through the crowd of Canadian onlookers, all of whom apologize as they are elbowed aside. That's always been one of my faves.

zydeco fish said...

I got tongue-tied. I meant that I stepped on his foot and he apologized. Yikes.

mister anchovy said...

We may say that business about another cashier being only two pleased to serve you, and sometimes, it's even true....but not always. Welcome to Canada. I hope you like our place.

laura k said...

Wrye: I must confess I saw the movie a long time ago and can't remember anything about it. I should definitely see it again.

After the World Series, when we begin watching movies again, I'll rent it.

Remind me. ;-)

Mr Anchovy: Thanks for the welcome. If "we are only too pleased to serve you" was true all the time, something would really be wrong.