ok, now we move in

The painting is finished! And we made a startling discovery: we are out of shape. (Actually this was no discovery.) Getting up for the middle-of-the-night Buster pee was quite an adventure. Allan said this morning, "The hair on my arms hurts."

In a few minutes, the movers are coming with the rest of our stuff. Here's the game plan: movers, apply for SINs, open bank account. Since I've luckily noticed that everything is closed Monday for Labor Day, we're going to try to get those two items off our list today. Spend the weekend unpacking, then buy a car and get car insurance early next week, so we can return the wonderful but expensive minivan.

Also on our list for this weekend: enjoy our backyard. I'm hoping we can pick up an inexpensive grill and a couple of plastic chairs today, too.

Here's my new strategy to avoid total overwhelming freak-out: it only has to be done once. The to-do list is ridiculously long, but most of it only has to be done once. So that's my new mantra.

I'll post more later, including responding to comments.

Hey guess what? The Lake is still beautiful.

Hey, the movers are here! Gotta go hang out with some pups.


James said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the lake! I haven't been along the Port Credit shore -- do you have a view of downtown TO from there?

G said...

Sounds like a busy day. But it's important stuff, and as you said, once it's done, it's done - for good.

Amateur said...

I imagine next week will be an excellent time to buy a grill ... as we Canadians start to hunker down for winter.

The SIN number thing might be more time-consuming than you expect. As I recall you have to meet with an actual human for that. But good luck.

Lone Primate said...

The SIN card thing will be interesting. Obviously you'll want to guard the numbers, but I'll be curious to learn if they actually begin with "9". A friend told me that Ottawa reserves "9" for immigrants, but another friend told me that's nonsense, you and get the prefix number of whichever province you're in when you apply for one. Be interested in finding out who's right. :)

Anonymous said...

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L-girl said...

Hmm, thanks Anonymous Peter, I'll take a look.

LP: I'll let you know, for sure. It would seem strange to reserve a prefix number for immigrants, as we can become citizens one day. But we'll know in a few weeks.

Amateur, welcome! So many new readers lately - or else old readers showing their faces for the first time, perhaps.

do you have a view of downtown TO from there?

I don't think so. Our next-door neighbor bikes along the lake to work every day, I learned today. Next summer we may have to buy bikes.

G: I guess the day turned out a little busier than we expected... Woof.