my morning walk

Allan accompanied me on my morning dog-walk today, so I could have my hands free to take pictures. Here's some of what I see every morning.

morning walk 010

This is the park at the end of our street, where we join the waterfront trail.

morning walk 004

morning walk 006

morning walk 007

morning walk 023

morning walk 015

morning walk 012

morning walk 031

morning walk 018

Lake Ontario

morning walk 011

This is the view in the other direction, opposite the lake.

morning walk 026

Lest we forget where we are.

morning walk 027

This is at the end of the Port Credit marina.

morning walk 021

I discovered that if I go all the way to the end of the park - and if I stand on the stone wall - I can see the top of the CN Tower.

morning walk 013

morning walk 029

Some wildlife on the rocks.

morning walk 036

This is what most of the neighborhood looks like.

morning walk 035

And this is across the street from us: the back of the condos.

morning walk 039

Back home.


James Redekop said...

Lori & I once went walking in Humber Bay Park (at the mouth of Mimico Creek), and the place was swarming with little black cats like the one you photographed. Something about the lakeshore, I guess. :)

gito said...

Are you living your dream Laura? Your neighborhood looks really adorable and it looks peaceful too. How far would you say Downtown is from where you live?

laura k said...

Your neighborhood looks really adorable and it looks peaceful too.

Yes! It's adorable and peaceful. :)

We are 25 minutes from downtown Toronto by train, or 20-30 mins by car depending on traffic. Very quick and easy!

Anonymous said...

Those are really beautiful photos, Laura. I keep meaning to post pictures of our new neighborhood -- this reminded me to get out the camera and go for a walk when I get home today.

Also, I have exciting news to share! I'll try to remember to email you soon.

andym said...

Hey L-girl--thanks for the pics. I know exactly where you and RS live now. Me and Sweet Baby were down there for an Art Show about 7 weeks ago, and parked near those condos.

laura k said...

Hey Kyth! I'll try to remember to check out your journal. I hope you're enjoying the neighborhood!

Hey Andy! I had a feeling I was revealing my exact location to some people. So feel free to stalk us anytime you're down this way. :)

mkk said...

Great photos, Laura! What a beautiful place you've discovered!