"mission incompetence"

Tomorrow is one week since we made The Move. It already feels so long ago, so much has happened since we left.

It's been a while since I've been able to focus on anyone else's blog, or anyone else's life, for that matter. At dinner tonight - sitting on chairs! at a table! - Allan and I talked about New Orleans, and W, and the godawful mess, and I could feel each of us venturing out of the We Move To Canada Cocoon.

So tonight, I visited a few of my favorite bloggers, and was immediately knocked out by this amazing post from G the Library Bitch. G really summed up the whole vile situation. Please go read it now.

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Sleepybomb, long-time friend of wmtc, is from Metarie ("Metry" to him). He and S.A. have a daughter and a grandchild there, and their whole family, and a ton of friends and loved ones. You might want to hear about it first hand, or stop by to lend some support. He is here at the wreckroom.


Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

What I find funny about the whole situation is:

- Crazy right wing freepers first complain that the U.S. isn't getting any help from foreigners for Katrina. They say its one more sign that foreigners hate America, America always helps them but gets nothing but venom in return.

- News trickles that a lot of foreign aid has been offered, but turned down but the Bush government. The crazy right wingers then say that America isn't Somalia, and doesn't need any stinkin' aid from foreigners. It's rich and powerful and can solve it's own problems. Besides, maybe there'd be terrorists hiding in those cargo containers of aid.

- Bush then decides to accept foreign aid. The crazy right wingers then go into tirades about how the amount of foreign aid offered is pitifully small, and the U.S. should get a minimum of a billion dollars from each country since America has saved them so many times.

Anonymous said...

The US gov't sure has dropped the ball on this crisis. I read in the globe today that Canada was able to get a Canadian team of Urban SAR techs to the site within 4 days, faster then other US SAR assets... just amazing.

Globe Story

It is hard to believe the devastation, but even more so the looting and lawlessness... stories you expect to hear about in developing countries, not in the US. Scary to think about.


laura k said...

Kyle: So true! Those people don't know what to think until Fox tells them.

Peter: It made me wonder if we were seeing a glimpse of the future. I noticed a Star reporter wondered the same thing.

sleepybomb said...

thanks for all the support, it seems we get more of it from canadiens (even the newly placed ones), than from our own government. hell, if i didn't think new orleans wasn't part of the states to begin with i wouldn't bother to go back. i am afraid they are just clearing everyone out now for an uninhibited occupation. but there is the hope it'll be like it was, charming and unwordly, prob never again tho, oh well ...got room for some more up there?
it will be fun to watch the heads roll on this, i am just sorry we have to lose new orleans to expose the fascade bush has led. i bet he wishes we were talkin' 'bout the war ... oh we are ...

laura k said...

i am afraid they are just clearing everyone out now for an uninhibited occupation.

Yeah, this thought is gaining traction in many circles. Good luck with everything, sb.