later again

One last trip to Buffalo this morning, so I'll post when we return. Til then, here's something to look at.

car 001

car 005
It's new!

car 003
And it's Canadian!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations again,

I am sure you are going to love the freedom a car can give ya!


laura k said...

Thank you Anonymous Peter! I'm really psyched about it, like a little kid with the best new toy ever.

barefoot hiker said...

I am sure you are going to love the freedom a car can give ya!

Yes! Now you must drive up to Malton in northeast Mississauga and go to the Dawat for wonderful Indian food (south side of Derry Road just west of Hwy 427, north of the airport). :)

P.S. Why not invite Rob? I'm sure he'd like to visit Canada someday. ;)

Anonymous said...



laura k said...

Low blow, LP! ;-)

I will check out that link, and check out the food as well.

Do you know about good food in Mississauga? Good food in Toronto will be easy to find, there are many guides, websites and people to ask. Good food in the suburbs... not so much.

There are some lovely places in Port Credit, but they are of the pub or burger/salad joint variety. Where can we find sushi, Chinese, Thai, etc.? (Insert the word good before each.) Does anyone know a source for finding good food in this crazy sprawl?

melusina said...

Shiny and pretty, with a nice Canadian license plate!

Anonymous said...


Found this site that might help ya out...



Anonymous said...

And for sushi...

Click here.


laura k said...

Thanks, Anonymous Peter! (Maybe I should just call you AP?)

gito said...

Hi L great choice! I like your car and the color gray is nice too. I am a car freak so I know each car there is:)
It looks like you will be traveling a lot in this wagon, wagons are for that!:)
Anyways good buy!

mkk said...

Great-looking car! Enjoy it!

laura k said...

Thanks Mkk and Gito!

Hey Gito, that's not grey, it's metallic silver. :) I'm glad it passes inspection by a car freak. I guess it's a boring car as cars go, but it's exactly what we needed and wanted. Can't say fairer than that.

barefoot hiker said...

Do you know about good food in Mississauga?

Oddly enough, there's a place friends and I used to go right there in Port Credit, down in the marina. I'll be damned if I can remember the name. Great food. Kind of pricy, though, which is why we weren't there too often.

If you're ever in Meadowvale, there's a restaurant called Appleby's (not associated with the US chain) at what's left of Meadowvale Town Centre. It's just a little average restaurant, but if you're shopping and need to eat, they really have good food. For what it's worth, my Dad, who's not really given to emotional overstatement, once told me plainly, "I think they make the best club sandwich in Ontario."

Most of the places I've favoured over the years are outside Mississauga. The Copper Kettle in Georgetown, an honest-to-God English pub, introduced me to curry over chips. Best I've ever had.

The Great Khan Mongolian BBQ in Markham, in the same complex as the Pacific Mall at Kennedy and Steeles, is a must (note: that's the Kennedy and Steeles at Toronto/Markham, not the Kennedy and Steeles in Brampton). But go at lunch. Supper is, for some reason, hideously expensive; but lunch will cost you no more than $15.

If you like pizza, Gino's. Hand's down. I'm not sure if they deliver where you are; when I lived in Mississauga, the closest ones were in Oakville, and we used to have to drive to pick it up. It was worth the trip. The mozzerella they use is just like butter.

If you go to Hamilton, there's a great German/Austrian/Hungarian place down on Main St. called The Black Forest Inn (aka Schwartzwald Haus). Sometimes you have a wait a little while for a table, but the food there is fantastic... though in inverse proportion to its healthiness. :) I recommended it to a friend who actually hails from Germany and even he found it praiseworthy.

Thai, best place I know is Satay On the Road, but it's in Toronto, on Bayview, a little south of Eglinton. They have the best hot and sour soup going, and they serve stuff almost hot enough for me. :)

The best Chinese restaurant I know is, believe it or not, in Fort Erie, literally across the river from Buffalo. The Ming Teh. It's so good, most of the clientel are visitors from Buffalo. And you never know when you might have occasion to go to Buffalo. :)

laura k said...

LP, I thank you so much for this! It's exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to copy it into a doc and print it out.

Funny about Buffalo. I actually want to pay that city a visit - I mean a real visit, not a trip to the airport rental car counter. There's a Frank Lloyd Wright home, an Olmstead park and some art deco buildings that are supposed to be great.

Since I'm only 90 minutes away, I figure I'll do a walking tour one day. Chinese food in Fort Erie will be the perfect thing!

laura k said...

If you like pizza, Gino's. Hand's down. I'm not sure if they deliver where you are; when I lived in Mississauga, the closest ones were in Oakville, and we used to have to drive to pick it up. It was worth the trip.

If I'm not mistaken, there is a Gino's in the middle of Port Credit, opposite our Second Cup. If it's the same place, I'll be very happy. Being from New York City, I am by definition a pizza lover - and only really good pizza will do. I'll check it out.

Sass said...

I see about as many of those "Ontario" plates here in south florida as I did back home...one of my good friends always insists that "yours to discover" is some sort of secret, kinky, canadian code. I let him believe it.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool!

Just got back from a road trip to Ohio and am catching up on wmtc. I can't tell you how many Ontario plates we saw on the road...