back up

Cable has been out all afternoon and early evening. I know, I know - welcome to Toronto. I hope I don't regret using VOIP here.

No cable or internet is bad for blogging and commenting, but good for continuing to set up our home. We got so much done today! And now I have a few dozen comments to catch up on.

Still no word from any of my editors. Also good for blogging and setting up, but bad for income. No worries there. I'm enjoying this weather and the house entirely too much to work.

I gave Cody a bed on her landing, to help keep the carpet cleaner, and because she loves this style bed. What a good mommy I am.

cody on the landing2 001

cody on the landing2 002


David Cho said...

So Cody insists on that spot even though you place the bed elsewhere?

laura k said...

Well, there's carpet there, so it's as good as a bed as far as she's concerned.

We have dog beds all over the place - at least one in every room, sometimes two. Sometimes they lie on them, sometimes they ignore them.

Where does Noah sleep?

Kyahgirl said...

aW, Cody looks pretty content there :-)