buster news

I gave Buster an injection!

The B12 shots are weekly. Last week the vet (actually the vet eye doctor, since we had an appointment) demonstrated how to do it. So this morning was my first go.

I was nervous, but it was a snap. Allan held Buster's head and talked to him, and B didn't seem to notice a thing. Not a yelp, not even a flinch. The doc thought the quantity of fluid - a full 10 cc's - might be an issue, but it wasn't at all. Now that I see it didn't hurt, I won't be afraid to do it next week.

Thank you so much, James, Dogsled_Stacie and others who helped me get the confidence to do this!

Back to the boxes.


James said...

You're quite welcome! I hope the shots put Buster back on track.

Our own shots-receiving cat, Tigger, is not doing so well, unfortuantely. We're not sure if he's going to see his 21st birthday in October. But we're doing what we can for him.

Photos at flickr if you'd like to see him.

Marnie said...

Well done! Buster obviously knows what's good for him.

Good vibes to Tigger and his family, too. My cat Max is 18 and failing. Tough times for pet owners.

L-girl said...

Best wishes for Tigger and Max. It's so hard as they age.

I've been there, and I know I'll be there again. I feel for you guys. All we can do is know we gave them the best lives we could, and be grateful for their time with us.

James said...

Tigger's actually my wife's cat, and he's been with her longer than I have.

G said...

Glad everything went okay with Buster. That's always frightening, having to inject a pet - will they be scared? Will they think you are trying to hurt them? Will they even notice? Those are all questions that ran through my mind when I had to medicate pets of my own in the past. It's always a huge relief when it turns out they don't even notice anything other than a fuss being made over them.

L-girl said...

Thanks so much, G. Buster has always been so good about all the procedures and tests and whatnot he's had to endure. Probably because we've been doing stuff to him since the day we found him. There's a deep level of trust.

However, I wasn't sure I could control my own nerves! But as you said, this didn't even register with him, and it was a big relief to his mommy!

dogsled_stacie said...

Hey, good to hear! Before you know it, you'll be an old pro.

Way to go, Buster!

David Cho said...

Wow. Dr. Laura. No, that THAT Dr. Laura :).