remember abu ghraib?

I can't even comment on it yet. I have no words. I just feel sick.

I knew about this from reading Seymour Hersh, but I guess I left it behind for a while. Thanks to Redsock for reminding me. No sarcasm intended there, we can't let this fade from our consciousness.

If Donald Rumsfeld calls an act sadistic....? I can't even finish that sentence.


James said...

Rush Limbaugh attempted to excuse the earlier revelations as being "no different than fraternity hazings". I wonder if he's chastize liberals for getting upset about this bunch of revelations by claiming that sodomizing prisoners is "no different than what gays do to each other". Wouldn't put it past him.

L-girl said...

I remember when the NYPD tried to say Abner Louima (the Haitian man who police raped with a broomstick) was injured during rough homosexual sex.

G said...

I worry too that this will just be another scandal that fades ... like so many have in the past two years. Watch them time another Plame revelation in conjunction with all this so the public eye turns away from it once more. Or maybe Baby Bush will fall from his bike again. My, God, a scraped knee! Front page news!!!!

James said...

I think that Bush's invulnerability is starting to fall apart. His attempt to use the Roberts nomination to distract people from Rove failed utterly. His administration's approval polls are the lowest ever, and people's assessment of him personally is the worst its ever been. Rove may just be the wedge necessary to get all these other scandals out in the open.