king tut, explained

Sorry about that. I assumed everyone would get the King Tut reference, but even in these days of cultural homogenization, it seems we don't all have the exact frame of reference. (There's the age gap, for one thing.)

The song lyrics below are from a sketch Steve Martin performed on "Saturday Night Live", back in the show's heyday in the late 70s (details here.) Any time I see it, I still think it's hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Hey L,

I got it! I haven't been making too many comments lately because I'm trying to behave at work, but I loved your post. I love, love, love Steve Martin - Cruel Shoes, Wild and Crazy Guy and King Tut. Thanks for the memories!


David Cho said...


I didn't even speak English in the 70's, so there is no way I could have gotten it.

But don't you think it had its moments in the early 90's? Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Al Franken, etc.

The best one was the segment called Coffee Talk with Mike Myers playing the hostess dressed up as a middle aged woman. I still crack up thinking about it. Oh that thick New York accent. I understand he was impersonating his mother in law.

As to how pathetic SNL is these days... Words fail me. I will just leave it at that.

L-girl said...

Crabby: you're welcome! :) Going to the Statue of Liberty to get birth control dee-vices...

David: Try to find a clip of it, or rent a "best of" - it's hilarious. It was also a complete surprise, which made it even funnier the first time it aired.

I suppose SNL had its moments, as you say, with Dana Carvey, Mike Meyers, Phil Hartman, but in my opinion those moments were far outweighed by celebrity dress-up (not impersonations, just wigs and clothes!) and very pedestrian humor. I think it lost its edge, became sanitized.

For me, even the Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers skits were repetitive and overdone.

I agree: there are no words for how not-funny that show is now, and has been for a long time. Ah well. The laughs of its early days and original (or almost-original) cast will live on.

Anonymous said...


I got it fine myself, and I'm only 21. Course my parents always did have a good sense of humor they didn't mind sharing.


L-girl said...

Uh-oh, I think that makes me old enough to be your parent...

I think I'll leave that thought right there! :)