operation yellow elephant

Do you all know about Operation Yellow Elephant?

Like most things on the web, we don't know where this started. It might have been this guy Jesus' General, or perhaps not. In any event, folks at New Patriot say:
If you believe we are in a war between civilizations with our way of life at stake, don't you have a moral obligation to help fight in that war? And I don't mean in the 82nd Chairborne Division.

Jesus' General has a very patriotic campaign going to convince College Republicans to drop their studies in favor of the infantry our nation needs so badly in Iraq. It's called Operation Yellow Elephant.

The General is very patriotic (not French at all) and he know it's best to face weakness head-on. The overwhelming support of the College Republicans for the war is embarrassing when compared to their unwillingness to fight.

You can help them save their dignity.
There's a button or logo you can add to your blog, just for fun. I'm up for it.

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