Whew, Canada just squeaked by Spain in the equality derby. Today, Spain became the fourth country on the planet to extend equal rights to its gay citizens. (I blogged about this when it was in the works; it was finalized into law yesterday.)

Spain's new legislation is especially welcome and significant, as Spain is traditionally a Catholic country. This is an incalculable act of defiance against the Church's death grip on modern life. Las felicitaciones a EspaƱa.


barefoot hiker said...

That is really surprising, isn't it? When you consider that within the lifetimes of many of us, Spain was a fascist dictatorship (remember Chevy Chase, "Franco is still dead..."?), it's an astoundingly long way to travel in so short a time. Not to dis Spain, but all things considered, yeah, I figured there were a few other countries more likely to get there first. Well, kodos to them! Long may she wave, etc. :)

laura k said...

Yes, I agree! Spain is not a country you'd peg for being in the vanguard of this movement, given its history. It's truly remarkable.

"Generallissimo Francisco Franco is still dead..." I remember it well!