big problem solved

Yesterday I told you about our day-of moving dilemma. Many phone calls and much discussion later, I think we've got it figured out.

Allan found a company that will rent us a van one-way to Buffalo. They only have passenger vans, not cargo vans, but that should work. The dogs will be very happy on the seat in back of us (their usual place in the car), and we can pack everything else on and around the rest of the seats. We'll have to be careful about how much stuff we leave out of the professional move, but that's fine, we should be anyway.

We'll rent the van for 4 or 5 days, to give us a little breathing room our first week in the house, which is sure to be exhausting and chaotic. At the end of the week, we'll rent a car in T.O., drive to Buffalo separately, return the van, then drive back in the rental car. It's not quite as simple as we were hoping, but on the other hand, not as insane as we were dreading.

This week's Sign That We Are Really Moving: we cancelled our Netflix membership! We hardly watch movies during baseball season anyway, and when the Sox are off, we need to get out of the house.


Eligere said...

He who is tired of NetFlix is tired of life.

Or not.

laura k said...

I adore Netflix. I constantly rave about it. But they don't serve Canada. I can only hope the Canadian equivalent is as good.

laura k said...

Also: nice to see you here, Noblesse Oblog.

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure (but not 100%) that Rogers Video On-Demand will be available to you in Port Credit. It's pretty cool. You just order any movie you want right on the screen at any time.

Rogers is the biggest cable and video store operator in Canada. Ted Rogers also owns several TV stations, Radio staions, the Blue Jays and their stadium (now called The Rogers Centre) and a huge chunk of the cell phone business in Canada. He's not a right-"wing"nut like Murdoch at Fox though.

Of course here is a link...



The other Cable company that may service Port Credit is Cogeco Cable. They offer a similar feature...

laura k said...

Oh yeah, I'm on to Rogers - even before the Skydome got renamed. Whenever we're in Canada my cell phone magically switches over to Rogers service.

I don't know, movies on demand just don't do it for me. Zip.ca is the Canadian version of Netflix. And Raspberry Jubilee, who posts here, told me about another service - it's mentioned here. I'll probably join one of those, at least during the winter.

But of course thanks for the link! :)