the price of their lies


As he did last year, Garry Trudeau listed the names of the Americans who have been killed in Iraq in his Sunday "Doonesbury", to coincide with Memorial Day weekend.

The strip is called "Operation Iraqi Freedom - In Memoriam - Since 4/28/04 - Part 1." There are so many names that the listing will continue in next week's "Doonesbury."

As he did in 2004, Ted Koppel will read the names of the dead, and show their photos, on a special Memorial Day edition of "Nightline". But unlike last year, Sinclair Broadcasting will run the segment. Last year Sinclair ordered its eight ABC affiliates not to carry the broadcast, saying "the action appears to be motivated by a political agenda designed to undermine the efforts of the United States in Iraq."

That "Nightline" episode garnered 30% more viewers than the show did the rest of that week. (Story here.)

I read Doonesbury every day during the war I grew up with. I'm so sad - and so angry - that it's happening all over again.


David Cho said...

As controversial as it may be, I am in agreement with what Doonesbury and and Koppel are doing with one caveat. I wish we would pay more attention to those who come back with permanent injuries that they have to live with.

L-girl said...

It's important to remember people who come back with disabilities - physical and mental. You're so right.

Doonesbury would need many weeks and a very small font to list them.

That reading the names of the dead is controversial absolutely makes me sick. Americans want a war? Show them what it costs.