new moving to canada blog

After the 2004 election, I got a flurry of email from people interested in moving to Canada. The first person to contact me was Nick from Colorado - and Nick was also the first person, out of everyone who wrote, to actually act on the idea. Now he has an application in the CIC queue - he and his partner are moving to Toronto!

Though we don't know each other well, I know we are kindred spirits. One day Nick and Mason and Allan and Laura will meet for a drink in our new city.

Nick and Mason have started a blog to keep track of their emigration experience and to update friends and family after they move. (Seems to me that was the original purpose of this blog!) It's called Destination: 43:40:12N 79:22:12W. Pay them a visit when you have a moment.

I've also reorganized the "friends of wmtc" links into alphabetical order. They had been in some kind of vague order in which people found me, but that was getting ridiculous. Now I've conformed to what seems to be the blogosphere standard. (That's me, always the conformist!) If you're reading wmtc and I don't know your blog, please send it to me so I can link to you.

That's it for this morning. More from me later tonight.


G said...

Very cool.

Also very cool of you to do the whole library thing and organize the links. It's sooooo lib!

I, on the other hand, will leave mine disorganized for now ... must be that library rebel just itching to get out and go wild.

[I know that sounds pathetic, but remember I am a librarian and thus have little else]


David Cho said...

"One day Nick and Mason and Allan and Laura will meet for a drink in our new city."

Well, let me know if you happen to be in the LA area too. I will drive up from OC if you don't want to tarnish yourself behind the Orange Curtain :). Will bring the best dog in the world with me. How's Buster?

L-girl said...

Absolutely! That would be great. I guess we've been in Orange County, because we went to an Angels game. I don't know when we'll ever get out to California again, but I will let you know if we do.

As I was telling Crabletta the other day, the hardest part of saving money for this big move has been looking at our rising bank balance (a first for us!) and thinking of all the places I could go with that money. I live to travel, but for the last two years, our priorities have been to save money for Canada.

Buster is grand, thank you for asking. He can still see, so I am happy, too. What is TBDITW's name?