This is getting ridiculous.

I have tried three times, on three separate trips, to visit the Edgar Allan Poe House in Baltimore. Each time, it was closed.

When we were in Philadelphia last summer, I learned there is a Poe National Site there. It was closed. (I went to college in Philadelphia - an English major, no less - but never knew it existed.)

Today, getting some info for the rest of my "NYC to do" list, I learned that the Poe Cottage in the Bronx is open... you guessed it: Saturdays and Sundays. When I'm working.

They do admit groups by special appointment on other days. I'm contacting them to ask if they can let me and Allan in, even though we constitute a very small group. I love literary pilgrimages, and I'd hate to leave New York without making this one.

Plus, I don't like being thwarted. I become determined!

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