i am a fascist pig

So says a commenter who visited wmtc last night. I'm also a traitor and a conspiracy theorist and I should change my name to - get this! - Jane Fonda. Whoo-hoo! Now if I can have Jane Fonda's body and money, I'll be all set!

In another comment, he hopes "the government tags you as terrorists and blocks your mover." Then I guess he realized that wasn't English, and posted "I hope the government tags you on the terror-watch lists and blocks your move to Canada," but didn't bother to remove the first comment.

Hey, if the government put me on the terror-watch list, wouldn't they want me to leave the country? Or is "Werner" admitting that the government of the "Great United States of America" (direct quote) puts people with dissenting opinions on the terror-watch list to harass them? Just wondering.

Werner also says I am free to criticize the US, but only from "Canuck soil or Mexican soil or any soil that is not a part of the Great United States of America". That's an interesting concept of free speech he's got there. (As an aside, why are these people so obsessed with soil? What is so special about this dirt I keep hearing about?)

You know, since I announced our final acceptance, many friends, family and sister activists have been emailing with good wishes, and I've been feeling sad at what I'm leaving behind. Not that I will never see them again, just a natural sadness at leave-taking. Hearing from this wacko was excellent timing, since it reminds me of everything that's wrong with this fucking country. Thanks, Werner!


Crabbi said...

I'm surprised he didn't remark on your Frenchness :)

The wingnuts are getting a little desperate, I think, which explains the increase in vitriol. Well, that and their all-around batshit craziness. Breathe, Werner, breathe. You and your kind are running (and ruining) the goddamned country. Isn't that what you want? Aren't you happy now? Completely fulfilled? At one with your God? Things are really great here in the Great United States of America, ne c'est pas?

I heard someone say the other day that she couldn't undertand their rage. They have everything, after all. She called it the "anger of the enfranchised." Now I just have to remember who said that. It may have been Janeane Garofalo quoting Jon Stewart.

La Crab

L-girl said...

I think I heard Jon Stewart say that! It was something like, "You only control the White House, both houses of Congress, most of the courts, and the airwaves - no wonder you're angry!"

Elle la Fille

Niko said...

At this point I take it with a grain of salt...I figure they are too jelous or too stupid :-)

L-girl said...

Yes indeed, Niko! (Nick?) These loonies don't bother me. From the people I care about, I've gotten nothing but support and good wishes. If I cared what wingnuts thought of my life, I'd... well... I'd be someone else, living a different life! :)

redsock said...

If you are Jane Fonda, can I be Michael Moore? ... Better him than Wavy Gravy, I suppose.

Say, why isn't Werner over in Iraq defending his Great Country from The Evildoers(TM)? Perhaps he is and was too modest to point it out to us.

Since the Army has recalled many former vets -- some as old as 70! (seriously) -- I don't think Werner's age, whatever it may be, would preclude him from serving.

And once again, I have to wonder what these idiots would do if Bill Clinton did the same things as Bush has done. Since it wasn't about the sex with Clinton, it was the lying.

Would they be praising Clinton to the skies? If they agree with the policies, then sure they should. But I have a feeling their beliefs change with the party in power (often 180 degrees).

And if they believe so strongly in "love it or leave it," where did they live during the eight years Clinton was president?

L-girl said...

"If you are Jane Fonda, can I be Michael Moore?"

I guess you don't want to be Ted Turner?

redsock said...

Please keep in mind that if someone leaves a comment on your blog that is nothing more than an insult, and you delete it, you will be "acting like Hitler."

Or so some loony told me when I deleted his comments.

So according to some right-wingers, deleteing blog comments = mass murder/genocide.

Got it?

L-girl said...

I have reason to believe this particular loony found wmtc through In Cold Blog. That must be why he threw in the "conspiracy theorist" charge. :-)

L-girl said...

Lunger: thanks for your welcome and your warnings.

I believe we should beware all governments, as they are humans ruling other humans, and so subject to all the usual abuses of power.

I do appreciate the history and political science lesson, but the detailed choronology of Ernst Zundel is a bit much for the comments in wmtc. Perhaps you want to post that on your own blog and just link to it here?

Thanks for visiting, please stop by again.

lunger said...

sorry if i went on to long. my expectation of the judiciary is greater than some of their past behavour. I don't feel sorry for zundel, but I am leary of people being railroaded.

L-girl said...

i'm glad you came back. (i did read the whole article, btw.)

no place is perfect - i think my expectations of canada are realistic. we'll see!