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Allan returned from walking the dogs with the mail, as he always does. He opened the door and said one word: "Canada". Handed me a thin manila envelope from Buffalo. My hands were shaking when I opened it:

The processing of your application for permanent residence in Canada is complete. We require your passports before we can issue your immigrant visas. You must provide your passports to our office as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in delays in processing...
If you're keeping score, here's the timeline so far:

March 22, 2004 - applications submitted for first time
April 3 & 23 - corrected applications resubmitted
June 3 - applications declared correct and placed in queue
Jan 18 - initial assessment complete, request for additional documents
Feb 1 - medical exams done
March 21 - FBI clearances received [note: this has changed, CIC now asks for FBI certificate with initial application]
March 23 - second round of documents sent to CIC
May 11, 2005 - applications are complete; request for passports

Oh shit. I'm freaking out. And I'm on deadline.


Kyle_From_Ottawa said...


And just in time to escape yet another terrifying Cessna attack on Washington too....

At least up here you won't have to any more "today's alert level is orange" messages.

G said...

That's very true, although I should point out that you guys will have to get used to hearing about hockey 24/7 ... you will be fully versed in all the issues surrounding the NHL lockout in no time, whether you want to be or not.

But I'll still take that over Terror Alerts ... maybe TSN should have its Lockout Alert for progress in NHL talks. That would be pretty cool.

RobfromAlberta said...

Lately, the hockey lockout has taken a back seat to political wrangling.

Typical exchange:

SH: Parliament has expressed non-confidence in the government

PM: This vote is not procedural. We will not call an election

SH: You suck!

PM: Bite me!

JL: Can't we all just get along.

GD: Tabernacle! Maudit Canadiens!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Congratulations are indeed in order!

I may take refuge in Israel one of these days, when I am sick and tired of being sick and tired here, which is often lately!

Anonymous said...

Holy freaking shit! Congratulations!! Yay for you!


Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE! Congratulations! It seemed as though your blog would forever be about the desire to immigrate to Canada. Now the Big Shift happens, where all your entries will move on to, well, moving on.

So, when do you plan to move??

Anonymous said...


The process might have been long, but I think it will be worth it for ya.

And just think, u will get at least a bit of summer up here!


L-girl said...

"It seemed as though your blog would forever be about the desire to immigrate to Canada."

I knew it - I've been boring! :)

"Holy freaking shit!"

Crabletta, you are so wonderfully articulate.

Anonymous said...

Big congratulations L-Girl!!
I know you guys will love it here.
If you ever stop by Hamilton look up "Anonymous" in the phone book to find me.
I have a URL link on my front door

Expat said...

That is wonderful news L-Girl.


Be sure to keep us updated on your move! :)

Kythryne said...

Yay! Congratulations!

I'll miss you, despite the fact that we've lived in the same city now for nearly three years and manage to see each other oh, once every year or so. :)

Oerwinde said...

Congrats, Canada rocks! Too bad you might be moving here just in time for the Conservatives to come to power.

David Cho said...

Congrats. I can hear... Oh Canada!

lutain said...

Congratulations, from one ex-NYer turned Canadian (Dec 1989) to another.

Start practicing speaking more slowly, endeavour to add the letter u to words like endeavour, and remember that in Canada fuck isn't used as a warm, friendly greeting.

David Cho said...

"remember that in Canada fuck isn't used as a warm, friendly greeting"

In the US, it is? LOL

Crabbi said...

Um, yeah, like, thanks and shit.

So, seriously, when do you leave? You'll do a post about your plans, right? In your spare time :)

L-girl said...

ALPF, you totally cracked me up. Thanks for the great big laugh. :)

New Yorkers may greet each other with a "WTF" now again, but warm and friendly? Not sure about that. Thanks all!

David Cho said...

In our younger days, we used to greet each other with the middle finger salute. It was the sign of manly affection. Do Canadian young men do that?

Anonymous said...

My skin is chilling of excitement even tho I don't know you. I am happy that everything went excellent. We are waiting for our FBI's to send them in... We are hoping to move soon to Canada!

Jubileee said...

Whoo Hoo! Good show! Good luck in your hunt for the Perfect Place too.