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wmtc welcomes David Cho, a blogger from Orange County, California, who has an incredibly cute dog. He's what I call a Bustery Dog. (The dog, that is, not David.)

David Cho describes himself as a Christian conservative, so I am greatly heartened by his opposition to the war in Iraq. It has always seemed to me that standing up for peace is the Christian thing to do, despite what Fearless Leader would have us believe.

Here is something David wrote after the 2004 election, called "Moral Selectivity". It's very good.


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

What a great post! I wish that the thought would have come to me to call a blog thebestdoginthewold.com!

My dog is my master!

David Cho said...

Wow, thanks for the props. Blush :).

RobfromAlberta said...

Welcome to our little circle, David. Nice to know I'm not the token conservative anymore.

L-girl said...

See?? Conservatives are welcome if they can behave themselves!

I'm going to run over the tell my friends at Big Soccer.

Nah. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

That was an excellent post. I'm a lapsed Catholic, agnostic bleeding heart, so we probably disagree on one or two things, but we are in total agreement about this war. There is nothing noble or Christlike about it. It also makes me sick that the Bushies are constantly invoking God's name to push their selfish agenda - isn't that blasphemy?

Hey L,

Great discovery, as always :)


L-girl said...

Why thank you, Crabbi! This is what happens when I'm bored at work. I find Christian conservative peace-lovers with adorable dogs, and bring them home to meet the gang. :)

David Cho said...

Thanks for the good wishes. Rob and I will try to behave ourselves :)

L-girl said...

Rob is always respectful, and I have a feeling you will be too. You seem like an open-minded and respectful person.

I have banished several people from commenting because they were (IMO) combative and constantly wanting to debate me. Not to mention some cursing at and insulting me! Even without the cursing, this site is not a place for anything-goes debate.

My general guidelines for commenting are here. Perhaps I should put this link in the sidebar.

David Cho said...

I in total agreement with your guidelines. This is your home and we are your guests and we should behave as such.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's right all the evangelicals are going to start becoming liberal democrats because you found ONE christian conservative blogger against iraq...great! Once you solve gay marriage and abortion...they're all yours...lol

L-girl said...

Excuse me?? I didn't say anything about trying to convert Mr. Cho, never mind "all the evangelicals". What on earth are you talking about?

If you read, I said I have no interest in getting into hot debates with people whose opinions are widely different than mine, at least not on this blog.

Everyone is entitled to post her or his opinion, but it should be done respectfully, not in a combative manner. Anything I find offensive or disrespectful will be deleted. Those are my house rules.

Don't come here showing off your supposedly smart-ass mouth. Your posts won't last 20 seconds.

L-girl said...

As you have just learned.

It's a big internet. Please go elsewhere.

David Cho said...

Geez, whoever you are, get a life.

Laura, you might want to think about allowing only those with blog accounts to leave comments.

Crabbi said...

Wow, that is so freaking stupid, I can't believe it. As if all evangelicals think the same way. Did you even read David's thoughtful post, Anon? Have you maybe heard the latest WMD news? Hint: There aren't any. Never were. That's just one reason to oppose the war. I'm sure Jesus could give you a few more.

L-girl said...

Thanks for your help, you guys! Luckily I was able to monitor and delete comments while watching my baseball game. I find that when their comments keep disappearing, they give up and go away.

I've thought about not allowing anonymous comments, but then, some of our most active readers/posters started out anonymously - RobfromAlberta, Kyle_From_Ottawa, for example. When I'm using my iPAQ handheld, I can't log in, and I notice Ms Crab can't always log in, either.

So for maximum accessibility, I've been sticking with this and deleting as necessary. So far it's working.

Crabbi said...

Actually, I can always log in. I usually just post/comment at night, but sometimes during the workday I get curious about what all of you are saying, so I comment anonymously.

I'm now allowing anonymous comments. If I get a few mean trolls, oh well, I know where the delete key is :)