hi big soccer!

I still see several visits a day from the infamous Big Soccer thread in my referrers. Thanks for the page views guys - and for not leaving comments!

I can imagine that they're pretty pleased about a supposed conservative resurgence in Canada. Last time I looked they were speculating on whether I would move to France. I guess they don't understand that a Canadian conservative is not that much different from an American moderate liberal. In the immortal words of RobfromAlberta:
Bill Clinton could easily qualify as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
Say no more!


Allan and I are being interviewed today by a writer with the Kyodo News Service for a story about Americans who are emigrating from the US. He originally asked us to meet where we could be photographed with the Statue of Liberty in the background, which we found pretty amusing. (And way too inconvenient!) I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Is France the worst thing they can wish on someone? Bring it on!

Cool about the interview!


RobfromAlberta said...

I always like to use Sweden as my example of a socialist dystopia. France has warm beaches, great food and my wife speaks the language. In fact, I think I just talked myself into taking my vacation next year in Provence. Truth be told, I doubt many hard core Republicans ever visit France because there are no NASCAR events there.

L-girl said...

We spent a blissful week in Provence in 1993, in between Paris and Italy. Allan & I both love ruins, so Provence has the added attraction of so much amazing Roman antiquity. In addition to the food and everything else.

Yeah, it's funny how they all say France. Like Crabby says, I can think of worse places to be exiled!

G said...

They think sending you to France is a punishment because their cholesteral-filled minds figure you would have to settle for French Fries rather than Freedom Fries - and generally speaking, the average American stomach can imagine few things more awful than that (except perhaps the veggie plate, of course).

Crabbi said...

Mmm...veggie plates.

Wish someone would sic Italy on me - or me on it. If people are going to wish others away, they should have the decency to pay for the trip.

And Freedom Fries was the most moronic thing I've ever seen. That shit makes me cringe. That, and the guys who paint their bellies at football games.

L-girl said...

"If people are going to wish others away, they should have the decency to pay for the trip."

Yeah! And if they're going to continually offer to help me pack, they should be lining up at my door with boxes and bubble pack!

Anonymous said...


Yeah, what a bunch of slackers. Don't they have any sense of personal responsibility?