to the post office we go

The FBI has confirmed that I, too, am felony-free. Tomorrow we mail off our next round of immigration documents. These are:
- financial records for the preceding four years,
- proof of current employment,
- proof of common-law partnership, and
- FBI certificates of no record.

I did another cool New York thing today. Details tomorrow.

Whoo-hoo! We are almost there!!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your site while doing some research
for my graduate certificate and could not resist
exploring it fully. Being a 46 year old Canadian from
the beginning I truly love this country of ours. It
presents oppourtunity and posibilities of all those
who enter it's borders. If there is one thing that
upsets me about our nation is the lack of recognized
potential we have here. As a nation we have got so
much to offer.
I am so thrilled to have New Canadians enter our
borders be they foreigners who can hardly speak the
language or well educated successful people like
yourselves.As Canadians world wide we are respected
not for the obvious lack of military status but
respected as ( dare I say it ) peacekeepers and true
politicians.(Those evil people that are necessary to
prevent all out war to solve their national and
international problems.)You may find it hard to
believe we have a few heros of our own to be proud of.
From Banting to Bethune, Taylor to Villinueve
I come from the Toronto area here you will find all
the things New York has to offer only a little less
frequent as far as your live theater goes but I
srongly recommend a walk along the board walk or Queen
Street East or West the east end offers a very small
town atmosphere with cafe's and unique shops
We literally have a world of cultural diversity to
access from food to festivals.The Jazz festival is a
personal favorite of mine and my wifes .Well I have
taken enough of you time,just know that this Canadian
welcomes you with open arms and hopes things turn out
well for you and your family and the dogs.
Please feel free to contact me over the net. Who
knows maybe when you and your common law spouse arrive
I may just be available for tours of this city mind
you the exploration of it is just as much fun.

Sincerely: Al

PS:drop me a line sometime maybe I can help and gladly

L-girl said...

Al, thank you for this lovely post! Canadians have been so welcoming and enthusiastic about our decision to emigrate - and towards immigrants in general. It's impressive.

I have no doubt that Canada has much to be proud of. As a lover of cities, I'm really looking forward to exploring Toronto - and as a traveler, I'm looking forward to Canadian vacations. I especially want to go to both coasts. I have visions of the dogs hopping in the back of an RV for a long cross-country drive.

I'm saving email addresses of people who have contacted me through my blog, and I'd be very happy to add yours to the list. Because you posted anonymously, I don't have any contact info for you. Please feel free to email me so I can get your address.

Thanks again! Maybe we will see you down the road.