say i love you and take your prozac

I love New Yorkers. Have you heard about this? An art student, in an effort to cheer up a disconsolate friend, opened a cheap voice-mail account and plastered a few downtown locations with flyers reading "Please say, I LOVE YOU GARY after the beep," giving a number to call. According to the New York Times:
"I thought even if I got five phone calls, I'd be happy," [Gary's friend] said. Instead, he got dozens of messages. He kept putting up fliers and received hundreds more calls, which he transfer to CD's for his friend to hear:

"Hey, how ya doing, Gary? I'm here sitting at Cafe Dante and I just was thinking about letting you know that I love you. Have a beautiful day."

"I love you, Gary. This is the sound of Brooklyn in the background. Peace."

"Hey, Gary. Just calling to say I love you. You pretty much have all of New York City rooting for you here. 'Bye."

Some callers stumbled awkwardly through their messages. Others made up little poems. One girl said that the flier reminded her to call her parents and tell them that she loved them too.
The story says Gary is feeling somewhat better. If you want to participate, go here.

My advice to Gary: take those "I love you"s with an SSRI chaser; they'll be much more effective.


sirbarrett said...

Why is Gary in such a funk? Poor guy. Neat idea. Hearing from people is important.

L-girl said...

Hi BC. I think Gary's heart was broken.