it's raining again

That's the name of one of my favorite blogs. The author occasionally comments here under the name Cin. Cin lives in Vancouver and is originally from, I believe, Chile.

It's Raining Again is a meditation on art, politics, the creative process, life in a vibrant city, living with animals, choosing optimism, choosing joy. Cin writes a lot of what I would if I kept a more personal journal online. (Does that make me narcissistic? I'll just say I feel a real click of recognition with her thoughts.)

Cin, if you ever want to write about why you moved to Canada, and your thoughts on being an expatriate living there... at least one person in NYC would like to read it.

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Cin said...


Thanks so much for the kind words.

I think eventually I will put something together about my experiences, especially the early memories.

Even though I think of myself as mostly Canadian, my brain (& sense of timing) often reminds me how Latina I still am.

Happy blogging!