What has the world come to, when I repeatedly find myself agreeing with Maureen Dowd? Last year, whole months would go by when I couldn't look at her column for fear of spewing my breakfast on the Op-Ed page, and now I am quoting her on a semi-regular basis.

But I'll leave that mystery to science, as I refer to her column today: "...Americans like to see women who wear the pants be beaten up and humiliated." She's absolutely right. Strong and independent women who don't play nicey-nice with the media are loathed and criticized. Including by one Maureen Dowd, who, a little over a year ago, excoriated Judith Steinberg Dean (married to then-presidential hopeful Howard Dean) for tending to her own career while her husband tended his, throwing in a few pot shots at Steinberg Dean's personal attire for good measure.

Some say Dowd had the Democrats' best interests in mind, believing that the country isn't ready for a woman "in worn jeans and old sneakers" living in the White House. So rather than help us get there, Dowd prefers to be part of the problem. (For copious blogosphere comment on that, google "Judith Steinberg Dean Maureen Dowd".)

Whether or not she's repented of that foolishness or simply forgotten about it, this week Dowd notes "We've come a long way, baby, from the era of witch trials, when women with special power who knew how to curse were burned at the stake. Now, after a public comeuppance, they are staked to a lucrative new career...."


I've been informed that, since we are moving to Canada for political reasons, none of my political ramblings are off-topic, even if they don't involve Canada. Nice!


Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

You know what's scary. I've read columns from Pat Buchanan and he sounds sensible and sane.

I used to think he was the scariest man in politics, but compared to the Bush crowd.....

It goes the other way too, I've read that a lot of true conservatives (the ones who actually believe in small gov't, etc) have discovered they long for the days of Bill Clinton.

Amazing what a few years can do.

L-girl said...

Oh my god, I had the same experience!! I have actually found myself agreeing with Buchanan on several issues! It's like living in Bizarro Land where everything is backwards...

RobfromAlberta said...

I can't think of any president that was more loved in Canada than Bill Clinton. Carter is respected, but Clinton is adored. He could be elected PM here in a landslide and would probably even win Alberta.

L-girl said...

They adore him all over Europe, too. The man does have charisma.