bump in the road

I got a little package from Ottawa last Saturday - a large envelope with a sealed business envelope inside. The enclosed letter instructed me to bring the sealed envelope to the doctor who did my medical evaluation for immigration, who would then open said envelope and instruct me further.

I wasn't authorized to open the envelope myself - it had to be brought to the doctor sealed. The Ancient One who did our exams has hours only a few afternoons a week, and the office is very inconvenient, so it would be a few days before the mystery could be solved. This left plenty of time for my imagination to run wild. I tried to be reasonable... with limited success.

I was a wee bit anxious over what could possibly have gone wrong. And I was not happy about the prospect of Dr Old stabbing me in a vain attempt to draw more blood. (A pun? I pun unintentionally.) I am not at all afraid of needles - I get blood drawn regularly without the slightest flinch. But this man left my arm looking like a Jackson Pollack. And we're in short-sleeve weather now.

Well, I finally saw him yesterday afternoon. And of course it turned out to be nothing. I do need a blood test - but he sent me to a lab for it. Whew. The test itself is inconsequential, a function of some medication I'm on. Dr Old said Ottawa always manages to find something to ask about.

The lab will send the results to the doc, the doc will send them to Ottawa, and Ottawa will then send their recommendation to Buffalo. Onward.


Expat said...

Happy to hear that it is nothing serious. I am sure that your mind went crazy thinking about all of the possibilities until you had the mystery of the envelope solved!

L-girl said...

Oh yeah, the imagination can be very potent...! Thanks for your good wishes.

Love that waving maple leaf. :)