go eagles

I live in a football-free universe.

Though at heart I am a one-sport woman, and following baseball is practically a full-time job, I can enjoy most other sports when they come into my field of vision. Hockey, women's basketball, soccer, track - all OK. In Ireland we discovered rugby, and I loved it. But American football? Bleh. I hate it. If it wasn't for those incessant games chewing up time on ESPN when I'm waiting for Baseball Tonight (how long can it take to play 10 minutes??), I wouldn't even know it existed.

But one of my nephews is an avid Eagles fan. The man himself - peace-loving poet, musician, massage therapist - is 180-degrees from a stereotypical football fan. And right now he has something in common with his uncle Allan: when it comes to their respective teams, they both live in enemy territory. David lives in Massachusetts. Not a lot of Eagles fans there today.

So for David, I say: Go Eagles. John Kerry was not inaugurated last month, so this didn't turn out to be the Year of Massachusetts after all. One spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime, beyond-imagination, never-been-done-before win should hold New England for a while.


redsock said...

Let the Eagles soar?

Symbolman Video here.

L-girl said...

How about the Pats just let the Eagles score?

RobfromAlberta said...

I like football, both American and Canadian, but I only have one true love when it comes to sports and that is hockey. I am happy to see you called it "hockey" and not "ice hockey". In Canada, we assume if you're talking about hockey, it's the kind played on ice.

By the way, we never say "tuna fish" either. As far as we're aware, all tuna is fish, so we just call it tuna.

L-girl said...

I understand about that one true sport. What's your team?

Of course I say hockey! I think "ice hockey" is only said by prep-school types who grew up playing something called "field hockey". There is also street hockey or roller hockey. Put hockey - just plain hockey - is only played on ice.

We also say tuna. No one says salmon fish or halibut fish, why tuna fish?

RobfromAlberta said...

My blood runs bleu-blanc-et-rouge. Les Glorieux, les Habitants de Montreal, my beloved Montreal Canadiens, next to my wife, the greatest love of my life and the greatest source of heartache.

L-girl said...

I never want anyone to ask Allan, who do you love more, Laura or the Red Sox, because I don't want to hear the answer.

RobfromAlberta said...

Yes, some questions are best left unanswered.